Lake Area Community HEARTSafe Initiative

In 2014, the Mound Fire Department began work on the nationally-recognized HEARTSafe Community program. Mound Fire was supported in these early efforts by staff from Ridgeview Ambulance EMS and North Memorial EMS. Dr. Kevin Sipprell (Ridgeview EMS) is the Medical Director for the Mound Fire Department. Dr. Sipprell is a key advisor and huge supporter of the HEARTSafe Community CPR program.

Creating a HEARTSafe Community is a public health initiative to help more people survive after an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The Heart Safe Community concept is based on building Public Access Defibrillation programs that support the Chain of Survival, which is the most effective approach of treating sudden cardiac arrest.

The Chain of Survival includes:

  • Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency response system
  • Early CPR with an emphasis on chest compressions
  • Rapid Defibrillation (AED)
  • Effective Advanced Life Support
  • Integrated post-cardiac arrest care

The end goal is to have widespread CPR instruction, public access to defibrillators, and aggressive resuscitation protocols for first responders, including our lake area citizens.

Recently, the Long Lake Fire Department, the Orono Police Department, and Minnetrista Police Department joined forces with Mound Fire to form the Lakes Area HEARTSafe Community Initiative. All the partnering agencies are working together to get the Lakes Area recognized as a HEARTSafe Community.


Are you prepared to save a life?

Check out these videos to learn more about HEARTSafe in your community.  Every day, thousands of people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. Would you know how to help?


Hands-Only CPR Sizzle Reel

Everyone should know how to do hands-only CPR. This tour trained over 48,000 people.


HEARTSafe Community PSA

Video credit: LMCC Community TV. For more videos like this, check out their YouTube Channel.


MWHS Training

HEARTSafe Training at Mound Westonka High School with Lake Area Heart Safe Team. Compression only CPR done to the beat of the BeeGees Stayin Alive.