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64th Annual MFD Fish Fry & Dance

Thanks for Attending - 2,872 Fish Dinners Served!

Event Proceeds

2015 Fish Fry - Thank You for Your Continued Support!

On Saturday, June 6th, 2015, the Mound firefighters and their families hosted the 64th Annual Fish Fry and Dance. The weather cooperated with temps in the 70's and rain holding out until late evening. Area residents turned out in large numbers and supported the event as they always do. We served 2,827 fish dinners, which made the event a huge success.

The Mound firefighters would like to say thank you to all of our friends, neighbors, and Lake Minnetonka area residents that attended. We would also like to thank the many local businesses that contributed to our event with ticket purchases, and also those that donated prizes to our silent auction and raffle. Your continued support of the fire department is greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for support the Mound Fire Department and Relief Association!

How Fish Fry Ticket Sales Have Helped Our Department

Proceeds from the 2013 Fish Fry were used to purchase needed equipment for the Mound Fire Department.

The Mound Fire Department recently purchased two new Scott Eagle Attack Thermal Imaging Cameras at a price of $6,100 each.

A Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) is an important safety tool and technologically advanced tool available to our department. A TIC has many uses in fire department operations, with a primary function being search and rescue for victims. In a fire, a firefighter may not be able to see though smoke, but the TIC can assist in locating a person by reading different temperatures. When investigating or looking for a possible fire, the TIC can detect "hot spots" inside or on the other side of a wall. A thermal imaging camera will also give useful information about parts of a structure that are still hot.

This purchase is largely (75%) funded by 2013 Fish Fry proceeds and a donation from the MFD Auxiliary.

Thank you for supporting the Mound Fire Department!

Kevin Flaig
Fish Fry Chairman

Greg Pederson
Mound Fire Chief