MFD Happenings - December 2017


Mound, MN, January 11, 2018– During the month of December 2017, the Mound Fire Department responded to 13 fire-related calls and 26 medical-related calls, for a total of 39 callouts for the month.  The total callouts for 2017 was 596, as compared to 588 in 2016.  2017 total callouts will rank Mound Fire in the top 8 or 9% of Minnesota State Fire Departments.

Notable Events:

Monday, December 18, 2017 at 20:37 hours, the Mound Fire Department responded to a report of a possible house fire in the 3800 Block of Sunset Drive in Spring Park. Upon arrival, it was found that three piles of rags used for staining had started on fire and burned an area of flooring and wood trim. The fire was quickly extinguished by Mound Firefighters. Mound Fire Crews ventilated the residence to remove the smoke.  Given that no one was home when the fire started, it was fortunate that a neighbor was out walking their dog, heard the fire alarms sounding and reported the fire. There were no injuries to any civilians or firefighters.

Mound Firefighter of the Year 2017: Lieutenant Nick Farley

Please Keep those Fire Hydrants Accessible!

In winter, the deep snow can create a major problem with high piled snow around fire hydrants. The deep snow often makes it very difficult for firefighters to find the buried fire hydrants.

In an emergency we must have clearly marked and accessible fire hydrants. It normally takes a firefighter less than a minute to connect a large fire hose to a fire hydrant. If a fire hydrant is buried under a pile of snow, the time involved will likely double or even triple.

You can volunteer and help the fire departments response efficiency by clearing the snow from around the fire hydrants in your neighborhood. The Mound Fire Chief asks that you please take time to clear fire hydrants of snow in your neighborhood. Please help us keep them accessible throughout the winter so we can be much more efficient and timely in the event of an emergency!

If you are unable to clear the snow from a fire hydrant in your neighborhood....please call Vicki Weber at the Mound Fire Department administrative office 952-472-3555 and we will arrange to clear the snow from the hydrant.

If you would like more information, please contact The Mound Fire Department Administrative Offices at 952-472-3555 or email at 


firefigher of the year


Since 1980, the Mound Fire Department has recognized one firefighter as the department "Firefighter of the Year." The tradition continued in 2017, with the Mound "Firefighter of the Year" award going to Lieutenant Nick Farley.

The recipient of the Firefighter of the Year Award is determined by and based upon a nomination and evaluation process. The nomination process involves all of the current Mound firefighters. All active firefighters are eligible to win the award.

The award is based upon pre-determined performance criteria including:

  • A firefighter's level of participation, involvement, and contribution to the department.
  • The number of responses to emergency fire and rescue calls.
  • Attending and leading department training sessions.
  • Amount of time dedicated to public relations activities.
  • Support of the department's team environment and a positive attitude.

Lieutenant Farley has been a volunteer with the Mound Fire Department since joining the ranks in March 2013. Lieutenant Farley was promoted to his Lieutenant role in July of 2017, which is quite an accomplishment for a firefighter with about 5 years of service.

Lieutenant Farley is an enormous asset to the Mound Fire Department. Congratulations to Lieutenant Nick Farley on his many accomplishments and this award, and for being selected as the 2017 Mound Firefighter of the Year! Great job Lieutenant Nick Farley!


Congratulations to two new lieutenants, as firefighter Nick Farley and Chris Heitz were both promoted to officer positions with the Mound Fire Department effective July 1, 2017.  Lt. Nick Farley and Lt. Chris Heitz have been with the Mound Fire Department since March 2013.  In preparation for their new roles, both have attended basic officer training and advanced incident command training, along with training side by side with our current officers.   We are excited to see them advance into leadership roles with our fire department. Congratulations to Lt. Nick Farley and Lt. Chris Heitz!

Firefighter Matt Linder has completed his one year probationary period and has completed all of the training and attendance requirements necessary to become State Certified as Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazmat and Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).  The completion of the State Certification is a requirement of all firefighters employed by the Mound Fire Department.   Matt is proficiently trained and a welcome addition to our permanent fire department staff.  Congratulations to firefighter Matt Linder for all his hard work!

Guns vs Hoses

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