Grants & Contributions

Mound Fire Receives Donation to Save Pets from Fire

pet wearing oxygen mask

First Responders with the Mound Fire Department are now some of the best-equipped in the nation to save a pet's life. That's because Invisible Fence Co. of Minnesota has donated a pet oxygen masks kits to the fire department. These masks allow firefighters to give oxygen to pets who are suffering from smoke inhalation when they are rescued from fires and often save pets' lives.

Invisible Fence® Brand has donated a total of more than 10,000 pet oxygen masks to fire stations all over the U.S. and Canada throughout the life of the program. A reported 120+ pets have been saved by the donated masks so far, including a dog saved on May 25th in Akron, Ohio.

Mound Fire Department is now joining the ranks of cities like Denver, Chicago, and Memphis, who have all received donated pet oxygen masks from Project Breathe™ program. "Thank God they had the masks. They (the dogs) are just like family. I don't know what I'd do without them. Things can be replaced. Lives can't, whether they,re animals or people." Said a pet owner whose dogs were recently rescued using donated masks.

Although the number of pets that die in fires is not an official statistic kept by the U.S. Fire Administration, industry web sites and sources have cited an estimated 40,000 to 150,000 pets die in fires each year, most succumbing to smoke inhalation. The loss is terrible for the family, heart wrenching for firefighters.

"These masks truly are blessings for the Mound area" said Fire Chief Greg Pederson, "We've seen residents run back into burning homes to save a pet. It's understandable, but extremely dangerous."

The company has set up a website,, where people or companies can support the effort.

pet oxygen equipment pet oxygen equipment Project Breathe - Invisible Fence bag Mound Fire equipment bag

Mound Fire Receives Community Partnership Grant

The Mound Fire Department continually searches out grant opportunities. In the past five years, the department has received $47,933.00 in grant dollars, and in the past ten years has received $93,808.00. The grant money has been used to purchase a variety of equipment including radios, pagers, and water rescue gear, to name a few. Grant money has also used to help with firefighter training expenses.

The Mound Fire Department recently submitted a grant application for a Community Partnership Grant from Centerpoint Energy and was awarded $2,500.00. The grant gave priority to applications focusing on safety equipment or safety related projects. The grant money will be used to purchase three Multi-Gas Detectors and an automated testing system for calibration of the detectors. The gas detectors will be used when the fire department is called out for possible gas leaks and carbon monoxide alarms. The total equipment cost is $5,000 with the costs being split 50/50 between Centerpoint Energy and the Mound Fire Department.

Lake Minnetonka Conversation District - 2014 "Save the Lake" Funds

Portable radio with headset - part of purchases from LMCD Grant

The Mound Fire Department is pleased to announce we are a recipient of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District - 2014 "Save the Lake" Funds.

We recently submitted a grant application to the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District "Save the Lake" Fund and were awarded a matching funds grant of $4,600.00. Save the Lake is a non-profit fund that invests in programs that benefit the environmental and recreational needs of Lake Minnetonka. To qualify, projects must fit into one of three categories: public safety, environmental, or public service/education.

The submitted grant application was for the purchase of life safety equipment that included two ice rescue suits, a floatable water pump, and a portable radio with headset. The total cost of all equipment is $9,200, with the cost shared 50/50 between the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District and the Mound Fire Department. This award enables the Mound Fire Department to continue its tradition of excellent service on Lake Minnetonka.

Minnesota Fire Board of Firefighter Training & Education Grant

Mound Fire at a house burn drill

The Mound Fire Department is pleased to announce we have been the recipient of the Minnesota Fire Board of Firefighter Training and Education Grant.

We recently submitted qualified training reimbursement request to the Minnesota Fire Board of Firefighter Training and Education and were awarded $8,400.00.

The Minnesota Fire Board of Firefighter Training and Education has a Training Reimbursement program available to fire departments. This award enables the Mound Fire Department to send many of our company officers and firefighters to various trainings throughout the year to ensure our department is staffed with competent and skilled firefighters.

Other Grants and Contributions

The Mound Fire Department Administrative Staff continues to explore grant opportunities. Recent Grant submission resulted in the department receiving the following grants totaling $7,509.23:

MFD extends Thanks!! to the Minnesota Fire Board of Firefighter Training and Centerpoint Energy!

Mound Fire Auxiliary purchases Equipment for Mound Fire Department

The Mound Fire Department (MFD) Auxiliary recently donated $3,000 to the Mound Fire Department to help fund the purchase of needed tools and equipment. The MFD Auxiliary Board of Directors voted to donate the funds after reviewing a list of fire department needs as submitted by Fire Chief Greg Pederson.

Some important items either purchased or to be purchased include: two each Ice and Cold Water Rescue Suits, three each Digital Cameras, a High Resolution Training Projector, a Flat Screen TV for Training Room, a DVD-VHS Combination Player for Training Room, and a High Resolution Digital Scanner.

The MFD Auxiliary is a non-profit organization that raises funds throughout the year by hosting or participating in various events including: the Mound Fire Department Fish Fry and Dance, Easter Bingo, and Turkey Bingo.

A special thank you to the Mound Fire Department Auxiliary for supporting the needs of the Mound Fire Department!