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Public Safety Events & Information

Boots & Badges Safety Fair - July 17, 5-8 PM

"Boots and Badges" is part of Mound's Spirit of the Lakes Celebration - learn more at http://www.spiritofthelakes.com.

The Mound Fire Department staff spends hundreds of hours each year working on public relations, doing fire inspections, talking fire prevention with kids, and providing fire safety education. The firefighters especially enjoy working with small children and teaching them about firefighting, fire prevention, and all they can about life safety.

The Mound Fire Department Fire Prevention, Public Safety, and Public Relations programs have become a large part of our job. Firefighters today lead fire station tours, visit schools and teach, and visit residential areas within the community to preach and teach about fire prevention and safety.

The "Boots and Badges" Safety Fair which is held during the Spirit of the Lakes Festival. The "Boots and Badges" Safety Fair gives children and adults an opportunity to learn more about firefighting, policing, prevention, and safety.

Firefighter and child try out a fire hose.
  • Activities for Kids
  • Meet Sparky the Fire Dog and his Friends
  • Meet Your Local Firefighters and Police Officers
  • Climb on Real Fire Trucks
  • See Fire Department Demonstrations
  • Learn About Fire Prevention
  • Yummy Food Court—Come Hungry!

A Simple Lifesaving Message: Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries

Each day, an average of nearly three children dies in home fires. Approximately 80 percent of fire deaths involving children occur in homes without working smoke alarms. In 2007 and in the future, help keep your family and friends safe by encouraging them to adopt a simple lifesaving habit.

When you turn your clocks back on November 4, make a lifesaving change in your household by changing the batteries in your smoke alarms (and carbon monoxide detectors). This simple habit takes just a moment, but is the best defense your family has against the devastating effects of a home fire.

By providing an early warning system and critical extra seconds to escape, smoke alarms double a family’s chance of getting out of a home fire alive, but only if they work. That is why the Mound Fire Department is joining Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs to remind citizens to change the batteries in their smoke alarms every year.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of smoke alarms. An early warning system can provide critical extra seconds to escape, and smoke alarms double your family’s chance of getting out of a home fire alive. Smoke alarms are critical in any home or business, but only if they work when needed.

Stay safe and enjoy life!

Gregory S. Pederson
Mound Fire Chief