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MFD Site Plan Fire Code Handout 22-Jan-2012.pdf
Informational handout: general fire code review points for site planning.

Department Services & Public Protection Information

The Mound Fire Department responds to a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. We also provide other critical basic services as follows. For more information on any of the below services, please contact us.

Official Services

  • Fire Suppression for all types of fires
  • Fire Scene Investigation and Reporting
  • State and Federal Incident Reporting (MFIRS)
  • Basic and Advanced Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response
  • Personal Injury Accident Response (i.e. auto accidents and extrication)
  • Utilities Emergency Responses including: gas leaks and power wires down
  • Response to all types of Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Severe Weather Emergencies response of all types
  • Ice and Water Rescue Emergency response
  • Alarm responses, including fire and medical alarms
  • Technical Rescue Operations (i.e. confined space rescue, high level rescue)
  • Public Relations, Fire Prevention, and Community Education information services
  • Regional Firefighter Rehab Response - with expanded capabilities
  • Fire Inspections and Fire Response Preplanning
  • Fire Code Enforcement, Construction Design Reviews, and Site Plan reviews
  • Other tasks as deemed appropriate and/or best suited to the Mound Fire Department

Insurance Services Office, Inc. Public Protection Classification Audit

Effective May 2009 - May 2019

In May 2008, the Mound Fire Department completed an intense and detailed audit process that was performed by the staff of Insurance Service Office, Inc (ISO). Throughout March, April, and May 2008, the expert Insurance Services Office staff audited the local fire protection resources by working with Mound Fire Department staff to collect information about the quality of public fire protection in the Mound Fire protection area. The MFD protection area includes the cities of Mound, Minnetrista, Spring Park, Minnetonka Beach, and Shorewood.

The Insurance Services Office, Inc. is an independent company that many insurance companies rely on for providing important, up-to-date information about municipal fire protection services within communities like Mound. The ISO has established protection class ratings on more than 44,000 fire districts across the U.S.

The result of the audit process will establish a Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating including a rating of the Mound Fire Department, the overall fire protection, and the fire service quality in each community that MFD protects. This ISO Public Protection Classification rating is used by virtually all insurers of homes and business property in the U.S.

The goal and purpose of this audit is to improve the Mound Fire Department PPC insurance rating in the Mound Fire Protection area. In general, the price of insurance in a community with a good PPC is substantially lower than in a community with a poor PPC. The final results of the audit will not be available for about six months.

The Mound Fire department is confident that the results of the audit and the PPC rating will save our residents and businesses owners' money on their insurance premiums.